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Fellowship & Mission Groups

Social Justice
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Social Justice Ministry 

Downey’s Social Justice Ministry works to promote justice for all disadvantaged people through education and service. We strive to engage the congregation in efforts to improve equality for people of any race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, religion, national origin, immigration status, gender identity and expression, or physical ability. We partner with other churches and local groups to provide opportunities for learning and direct action.

Creation Care
Creation Care Ministry

The Creation Care Ministry believes God intends humans to act as primary caretakers of this world. As stewards, we know we are but one part of God’s interconnected tapestry of Creation. The purpose of this ministry focus is to inform our congregation on environmental issues and suggest actions that will benefit both nature and humanity.

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Youth Ministry
Youth - WebSquare.png
Youth Ministry

Youth Group (6th-12th graders) meets on the second Sunday of the month, after worship from 11:30am-1:30pm (lunch included). We go on adventures, mission trips, service outings - namely, creating safe space for youth to explore christian spirituality and fellowship.

Pickleball Ministry

If you are looking for some physical activity that is age appropriate and FUN for all, Pickleball might be for you! Neighborhood players gather each Thursday evening from 7pm to 9:30pm, with two courts - one in Century Hall and one in the church basement. It's a good time. Come and check it out!! 

Pub Theology
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Pub Theology

This group seeks to build a community of listening and hold deep conversations about the nature of God and life. Pub Theology meets every other Tuesday night, 7:00pm, at Manley's Irish Mutt

Bibles & Burritos
Bible & Burritos

Bibles & Burritos is a gathering led by Pastor Melody, featuring regular discussions about how the topics and themes we engage in Worship are playing out in our daily lives.  

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Preschool & Kindergarten
Downey Coop PreschoolKindergarten.png
Downey Co-Op Preschool  & Kindergarten

Downey Cooperative Preschool has a simple and happy philosophy — children, parents, and teachers go to school together. Our cooperative preschool is a parent-run, non-profit organization. We offer families an affordable program and the opportunity to work alongside other parents on creative and challenging projects.

Worship & Wonder

Worship & Wonder is a children's curriculum that uses Bible stories for interactive storytelling. With wooden figurines and felt mats and and specially crafted settings - the Bible stories come to life in ways that children can connect with. Worship and Wonder is available to all kids and happens during the sermon portion of Worship. 

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Sunday School
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Sunday Morning
Christian Education

Sojourners is a Scripture-based class which meets in the Disciples Room for discussion using the Upper Room devotional "Disciplines 2023" .

Seekers focuses on various works of societal commentary and asks how God is working in those civic circumstances. Meets in the Chalice Room.

Mae Ward
Mae Ward Women's Group

Mae Ward is Downey’s traditional Disciples Women’s Group, named in honor of a Disciple Missionary, which aims to be a network of women committed to the justice-seeking, compassion-focused mission of Jesus Christ.

Mae Ward Group - general.png
Downey Music Ministry - WebSquare.png
Downey Music Ministry

The Music Ministry supports Downey's mission by providing relevant vocal/instrumental music for services and special events. We support the mission by providing music not just for worship, but also for the Performing Arts Ministry, supporting fundraisers with entertainment, and performing throughout the community. For information on how you can join in, click the 'more info' button below.

Performing Arts Ministry

Downey Avenue Performing Arts Ministry's (P.A.M.) pursues a mission to inspire and educate by bringing Quality Theater with a Conscience to Downey and the community. Formed in 2016 from a member’s generous donation, P.A.M. brings together diverse talent to express relevant messages through a variety of art forms.

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Food Pantry
ICAN Food Pantry Logo.png
ICAN Food Pantry @Downey

ICAN Food Pantry has served Irvington since the 1980s and reaches more than 140 families each month.  It is open every Thursday 1-3p.m. for neighbors in the 46219 area and works in collaboration with ICAN (Irvington Community Advocacy Network), formed by Irvington Area Ministers. ICAN’s mission is to aid neighbors in need with financial assistance, food, and clothing.

Financial Donations help us purchase food at deeply discounted rates. Thank you for your support. 

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